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DBN Web is DBN's official web services provider, offering key services such as website development, SEO, scripting, and website maintenance. Furthermore, DBN Web counts web design as an integral and inseparable element of web development. With DBN Web, DBN members can benefit from web services of the same calibre with a 5% discount.

If a webpage fails to amaze, we consider that page to be sub-perfect. At DBN Web, we hold the essential views that perfection does exist, that it ought to be pursued, and that beauty is objective. Symmetry, order, perception, and sameness are the building blocks of beauty. Aristophilian principles are the mindset with which we approach design & development.

  • Elegance
    WEB DEVELOPMENTCreating a website or simply putting up webpages. If needed, we'll include setting up a host, template, and design. Content not included.
    SCRIPTINGProgramming a website to behave how we want. From processing forms, sending out emails, to manipulating a webpage, scripting is the way.
  • Elegance
    SEOOptimizing your website for search engines. In addition to adding structured data and rich content, we enhance user experience.
    MAINTENANCEUpdating webpages, saving backups, and editing deprecated features are some of the tasks that fall under the loosely defined term "maintenance".



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